I am a concierge psychiatrist, physician coach, entrepreneur, and speaker. As I continue to learn and grow, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to provide mentorship and consultation to other psychiatrists looking to provide similar practices on a national level. Through my speaking engagements and guest appearances on national podcasts, I have been able to speak to a variety of audiences, and it has been very rewarding as more people hear about and appreciate the benefits of a concierge model of care. The relationship between a physician and the patient is a reciprocal one, in which the high-functioning and motivated population, invested in their health and well-being, provides a clinically rewarding outcome and an opportunity to work among a team of clinicians to teach the next generation of children as well as professionals. With a commensurate level of passion and interest in patient care and the community, I look forward to serving and teaching the community and providing further outreach to clinicians nationally.

Founder of Choulet Wellness
Co-Founder of La Jolla Concierge Psychiatry

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