Concierge Psychiatry

As individuals seek personalized, convenient, and comprehensive care, concierge psychiatry is becoming the go-to choice for those who prioritize their well-being. Concierge Psychiatry is a specialized approach to mental health care, which includes personalized treatment, utilizing a combination of psychotherapy and medication management. The Performance Psychiatrist uses a concierge model of care to deliver exceptional medical care and personalized services to each of her patients. Dr. Choulet specializes in working with high-level executives, professionals, pro-athletes, and their families to provide comprehensive and concierge mental health care.

Dr. Choulet provides all patients with her direct contact information, including text, phone, email, and HIPAA-compliant telehealth services. Not only does she provide her services in a traditional office and telehealth setting, but she also provides on-site and on-the-road care as well. Due to her work with professionals, executives, athletes, musicians, and their families, discretion is a must. She provides evening and weekend availability to ensure services are received in a manner that’s conducive with her patients’ busy schedules.

What sets Dr. Choulet apart from the traditional concierge model is the non-retainer and non-membership-based approach. Rather than charging a subscription fee for services, Dr. Choulet allows the flexibility to receive mental health care in an a-la-carte fashion.


  • Longer appointment times

  • Expedited appointment scheduling

  • Direct communication with Dr. Choulet via phone, text, email, HIPAA-compliant Zoom

  • No recurring subscription or membership fees. Services are provided a la carte services – use what you need.

  • Unparalleled care coordination with your entire care team

  • Flexibility to schedule appointments in-office, virtually, on-site, or on-the-road.

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