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The Performance Psychiatrist specializes in optimizing the mental health of individuals in high-pressure and high-performance environments, including professionals, corporate executives, elite athletes, artists, musicians, and their families. If you require peak mental performance in your personal and professional life, The Performance Psychiatrist can help you achieve at the next level.

Meet The Performance Psychiatrist, Brook Choulet, M.D. The Performance Psychiatrist is the premier destination for mental health care with a specialize focus on performance enhancement and optimization. Dr. Choulet’s passion lies in helping high-achieving professionals, top executives, professional athletes, and their families reach their potential through personalized, concierge mental health services. As a distinguished board-certified concierge psychiatrist, Dr. Choulet specializes in working with child, adolescents, and adults.

What sets Dr. Choulet apart is the high level of concierge care that she delivers to her select group of patients, through a modern approach to mental health treatment. Due to her work with many high profile families, she maintains the utmost discretion by offering services such as in-home and on-site (practice facility, arena, office settings) visit.

Dr. Choulet has additional education in working with athletes, as she has earned the Certificate Of Additional Training in Sports Psychiatry from the esteemed International Society for Sports Psychiatry. She is well-known for her previous roles as the Consulting Team Psychiatrist & Licensed Mental Health Clinician for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, as well as the Team Psychiatrist for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. Dr. Choulet is a member of the NBPA's Mental Health & Wellness Program's Provider Directory.

Dr. Choulet’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. She has been voted as the Best Psychiatrist in the Valley for both 2022 and 2023 by the readers of AZ Foothills Magazine. Her expertise has also been acknowledged by Phoenix Magazine, where she was selected as a Top Doc in Psychiatry in 2023. What truly sets Dr. Choulet apart is her unwavering dedication to her patients, as she provides a superior level of concierge care, focused on optimizing one’s performance in all aspects of life. The Performance Psychiatrist wants to see her patients thrive personally and professionally.

Dr. Choulet’s concierge approach to mental health treatment is characterized by discretion, convenience, and excellence. Dr. Choulet offers the flexibility of in-home and on-site visits, including practice facility and arena consultations. Her mission is to deliver direct, accessible, and evidence-based medical care, ensuring each client’s unique needs are met with compassion and precision.

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