Performance Psychiatry

A performance psychiatrist is an expert in the art of elevating performance and maximizing the mental health and overall well-being of individuals, especially those immersed in demanding, high-performance domains. This includes athletes, artists, musicians, executives, and various professionals who rely on peak mental acuity for their careers.

Dr. Choulet is dedicated to empowering high-achievers, athletes, professionals, and even their children to reach their full potential through tailored mental health treatment and performance optimization strategies.

In her role as a performance psychiatrist, she frequently lends her expertise to areas such as goal-setting, sleep improvement, recovery planning, the enhancement of peak performance, and teaching stress management techniques.

Mental Health Optimization: The Performance Psychiatrist helps individuals manage stress, anxiety, ADHD, depression, and other mood disruptions that can ultimately affect their performance. A large focus in sessions is resilience, so one can be prepared to face high-stress situations successfully.

  1. Peak performance enhancement

  2. Improvement in frustration tolerance

  3. Performance anxiety

  4. Sleep and recovery

  5. Goal-setting and motivation

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