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The Performance Psychiatrist™

Founder of The Performance Psychiatrist™, Dr. Brook Choulet offers tailored mental health care for high-performing individuals and groups; from corporate executives, elite athletes, and celebrities to professional organizations, sports teams, and families. As Co-Founder and President of the American Board of Sports and Performance Psychiatry, Dr. Choulet has gained acclaim for her consulting and clinical care with NBA and WNBA organizations and players. In addition, she is listed on the provider directory for the NBPA and NFLPA's Mental Health Directories. She has also received notable community honors, including being voted the “Best Psychiatrist in the Valley” by the readers of AZ Foothills Magazine and recognized as a “Top Doc” by Phoenix Magazine for the past two years.

Mental Health, Elevated: The Performance Psychiatrist™ Advantage

Dr. Choulet provides discreet and flexible in-home, on-site, and in-office visits at her practices in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, as well as in Beverly Hills and San Diego, California. With a modern approach to mental health care and an unwavering dedication to her patients, Dr. Choulet delivers a superior level of concierge care that integrates mental health optimization and performance enhancement strategies so you can achieve balance and excel in all aspects of life

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Concierge Performance Psychiatry™

Dr. Choulet is a leading expert in the field of Sports & Performance Psychiatry, as she writes for Forbes and Psychology Today. Attain clarity of mind and the utmost well-being with concierge psychiatry. If you’re looking for personalized, convenient, and comprehensive care, Dr. Brook Choulet’s specialized approach to mental health care includes customized treatment plans that utilize a combination of psychotherapy and medication management so you can tackle all of life’s curveballs with confidence and ease. As The Performance Psychiatrist™, Dr. Choulet is at the forefront of delivering exceptional concierge medical care and personalized services to high-level executives, professionals, pro-athletes, and their families. Dr. Choulet’s well-established expertise in mental health optimization and performance enhancement strategies empowers her clients to unlock their peak potential for a rewarding and fulfilling life.

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​​​​​​​Dr. Choulet’s commitment to excellence aims to help her clients thrive in all aspects of life by achieving peak mental performance through concierge care, mental health optimization, and performance enhancement strategies.

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